Colored Diamonds Investment – Colored diamonds are the fastest growing in price, and in the near future is expected to significantly enhance their value. How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when buying a gemstone unusual color?

Recently, a friend from Moscow boasted to me that bought a black diamond, two carat weight of only $ 15 000. Her joy was short-lived: black diamonds that are jewelry companies in recent years trying in every way to present a new trend in the world of beauty, – a technical stones the lowest quality. Red price them $ 250-400 per carat.

The world’s very few people who understand diamonds, and even fewer – who know a lot about the colored stones. These and enjoy the impure into the hands of merchants, when they sell an inexperienced consumer “unique” “champagne” color of the stone or “cognac” 10-20 times more expensive than its real value. I want to talk about the main principles of selection of colored stones, which will help you to avoid cheating.

What are colored diamonds

All diamonds can be divided into two broad categories – colorless and colored. Diamonds – the raw material for diamonds – were created millions of years ago nature. This product is the crystallization of carbon molecules under high pressure and the influence of the huge temperature. In the process of crystallization of stone could, figuratively speaking, “catching” various impurities and become colored. Colored diamonds are found in nature much less than colorless. Only 0.01% of diamonds in nature are “fancy”, ie color.

The undisputed leader in the uniqueness, rarity and price among the colored diamonds is a red. The auction price of a diamond starts at $ 1 million per carat. The largest diamond of rare red weighs a little more than five carats. The presence of red color in a diamond is due to deformations in its crystal lattice, caused by the high pressure during the formation of natural diamond. Next up is fancy green diamond. This color diamond receives as a result of natural radiation that has penetrated deep into the diamond. The presence of blue color in a diamond indicates the presence of the chemical element boron. A brilliant orange and yellow makes getting into the chemical element nitrogen lattice.

Pricing fancy colored diamonds – a rather difficult task. To understand the colors and, accordingly, not to be trapped, haggling with the seller, though not easy, but it is possible. Before buying you should seriously consider the proposals in the current market, to be guided in the prices. The fact that, unlike the colorless diamonds, colored on no single price list Rapaport Diamond Report. Colored fancy diamonds have a separate evaluation system and its market.

The main thing you need to know: have any stone that you buy must be a GIA certificate (Gemological Institute of America). It is the world’s only independent laboratory, whose expert analysis jewelers recognized worldwide as the standard and is not disputed. Any other certificate in our environment is considered to be just a piece of paper printed on the printer. Accordingly, a stone without GIA certificate may in fact be very different characteristics than you tells salesman in a jewelry store. But even if there is a colored stone GIA certificate, the color saturation can be estimated only professional.

In gemstones, there are many shades of color, so it is strongly recommended to make the choice of an expert stone (usually services are from 1% to 3% of the price of the stone). If you do decide to do it yourself, I can give you general guidelines that will help sort out the color.

In addition to the four main criteria for evaluation of a diamond (weight, shape, color and clarity), colored diamonds have an additional classification associated with the color of the stone. The most important criterion for evaluating the intensity of the color of a diamond is its primary color, and more – available additional shades of stone. In total there are nine major diamonds color: red, green, purple, blue, pink, orange, yellow, gray and brown. Each color of a diamond has nine grades of intensity. The main ones are: faint (small), light (weak), fancy light (little-fantasy), fancy (fantasy), fancy intense (intensely fantasy), fancy deep (rich-fantasy), fancy vivid (bright fantasy). Stoimost fancy diamond increases sharply with increasing intensity of the color. Truly the most expensive and rare fancy colored diamonds are stones with the intensity of the color fancy vivid, behind which are the stones fancy intense.

The second thing to remember: the stones of pure colors (red, green, blue, pink, orange, yellow) are more expensive than the stones with a dash of extra color. When a non-homogeneous color stone, they say that it has an additional secondary hue or overtone. These diamonds are significantly less expensive than pure color. In other words, the stone, which is the main color fancy yellow, and minor additional shades of brown, will be recorded in the certificate as the GIA Fancy Brownish Yellow (fancy brownish-yellow). With this form of writing in the certificate, you can see that the main color of a diamond is yellow. Brilliant record in the certificate «Fancy Brownish Yellow» is two or more times cheaper than the color of the stone «Fancy Yellow». Generally, the appearance of a stone of an additional secondary color, especially brown, reduces the cost of the diamond is several times. That is why the color stones “champagne” and “cognac”, that the efforts of vendors are now becoming popular in Russia, really cheap diamonds impure colors.

In addition, a diamond should be no fluorescence (properties of light in the ultraviolet). Stone with fluorescence cheaper by 15-30%. Then look in the certificate of cut stone quality. It must be either Very good, or Excellent. This cut gives a beautiful play of light.

The color of the stone must be natural. The fact that now there are several technologies stone changes color. The GIA certificate is required to be stated whether the artificial stone processing exposed. In: natural diamond certificate in the box Color Origin will be specified Natural (natural). If the stone has been ennobled, you will see a record Treated (treatment) or, for example, HTHP (high temperature processing method and high pressure). This is especially important if you are buying a stone in Russia, where about 80% colored diamonds were actually subjected to such treatment. And it reduces the cost of stone ten times. For example, artificial color pink diamond one carat weight can cost about $ 4000. And the same natural color of the stone – $ 600 000-700 000!

How and why to buy a colored diamond?

Is it worth the risk, choosing a color diamond? This question you must answer for themselves. I will clarify that colored diamonds are the fastest growing in price. In the near future we can expect a significant increase in prices for such stones. The fact is that over the past 15 years, production of colored diamonds is very much reduced.