What You Should Know about Argyle Diamonds

You have probably come across the term Argyle diamonds but you do not know exactly what kind of diamonds they are. This is a kind of diamond produced in Western Australia, the largest state in Australia which occupies a third of the country. It is named as Argyle because this is the name of the diamond producer in Australia.

If you think these diamonds are as expensive as the diamonds that you are familiar with, you are wrong. These gemstones have low quality and are a lot cheaper than diamonds mined in Africa. There are more of these kinds of diamonds than African diamonds but they definitely have a lower value. This only makes them more popular because more people can afford to buy them.

The color of Argyle diamonds is typically pink, though there are rare diamond varieties in blue color. There are also champagne colored Argyle gemstones. Pink diamonds from Argyle are very nice to look at because of their bright color. Women will surely love to have this pink gemstone, which makes them a perfect gift to your wife or girlfriend.

The pink diamond will look great when worn with princess style evening gowns in white or pale pink. They will surely make any woman look young and princess-like. Champagne colored diamonds are also popular because this color is easy to pair with other colors. They come in different hues—cognac, dark, medium, and light. These gemstones are widely used by well known fashion designers in their designs and are considered as haute couture.

Blue diamonds are the rarest among the Argyle diamond collection. Diamonds in blue and purple hues were found in the Argyle mines in 2009 for the first time. These are of course more expensive than pink and champagne diamonds but their rarity and beauty are worth the added price. If you give Argyle diamond jewelry in blue to the love of your life, she will surely feel special especially if she knows how rare this diamond is.

Argyle diamonds are great gifts to the woman you love. You can buy them molded in a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring to tell your wife or girlfriend how much you love her.