Blue diamonds are valued by people because of their rarity. One can find treated blue diamonds which are less expensive than their natural counterparts. But due to the rarity of natural blue diamonds, they are one of most sought-after gems in the world. Just a bit of information, the largest piece of blue diamond that has been unearthed is the Hope Diamond in Washington DC. It weighs 45.52 carats.

Where Can You Find Blue Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are not very common so much so that laboratory techniques are employed to make blue diamonds. This allows more jewelry with blue diamonds to be more accessible to jewelry lovers. Now, you can find these gems on bracelets, necklaces and pendants, rings and earrings. Designs You can find different designs of blue diamond jewelries especially on rings and necklaces.

These designs are particularly enchanting as blue diamonds are capable of attracting attention only to itself. Meaning, it stands out in the design whether these diamonds are combined with other gems such as the colorless diamonds. It is especially remarkable when the background is all white.

Imagine a ring designed to have two platforms each with blue diamonds sitting on it. Imagine the perfect symmetry in this setting and the two sub-settings complementing each other. Or you can have a pendant that is encapsulated with blue diamonds at the bottom part and then a silvery metal that close the upper part – great contrast design that can only mesmerize.

How Much It Costs

It depends on the quality of the embedded blue diamonds (meaning, the carat value), the exquisiteness and artistry of designs and the number of pieces used. From the internet, you can find blue diamond rings priced around $500 and then some higher than that.

The Elegance of Blue Diamonds

These gems complement people with regal stature.They are great for people who value sophistry and nobility. If you are someone who loves nature, you’ll find these jewelry pieces matching your personality and your taste. The color of blue diamonds exudes calmness, serenity, and sense of liberty and eternity. With blue diamonds jewelries, you’ll find a perfect match.