If you are wondering why colored diamonds come in different hues, you are reading the right article because this will tell you some important facts about these special types of diamonds.

This article is especially helpful to people who have no clue about high quality diamonds and diamonds of low quality. There are some women who think that all diamonds are expensive. This is not really the case because there are some diamonds that are not considered good enough to be made into jewelry. Colored diamonds have different colors like brown, yellow, pink, green, blue, and red.

You may be wondering why these stones have a tinge of color in them. The reason for this is the contaminant present in these stones. Some of these diamonds’ components are also altered at the nuclear level while others have electron defects. Flaws like these that are not usually asked by ordinary people are some of the things that cause these gemstones to have colors.

Diamonds in different colors have higher quality if their color is clear and translucent. On the other hand, if the stone has a milky characteristic to it or is clouded, it will usually end up as a stone used to create fancy accessories that anyone can afford. Discoloration may be a flaw but if there are other flaws like being clouded or milky, the stones will definitely have lower value. Some may ask why they would buy colored diamond jewelry when the value is not as high as real diamonds.

The answer to this question is simple. These diamonds are a lot cheaper than real diamonds but they also look nice when you use them to make fancy jewelry pieces or accessories. They can be great gifts to your loved ones and friends. They can also be a unique addition to your jewelry collection.

The variety of colors also makes it easier for you to use them with different outfits. These diamonds are great alternatives to expensive gemstones. They can instantly enhance your appearance and improve your outfit. So the next time you are looking for inexpensive jewelry, choose something that is made of colored diamonds.

Historical diamond prices per carat from 1960 to 2015 (in U.S. dollars)
Historical diamond prices per carat from 1960 to 2015 (in U.S. dollars)