What You Should Know about the Green Diamonds

Green diamond is one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world and because of this, it is also considered as one of the most expensive. The color green is usually associated with the gemstone emerald. Some people may even mistake the one for the other because of the close resemblance. However, people who know their gemstones do not experience this problem so before you buy diamond in green color, you should first do your research by reading this article. Green diamonds are caused by an alteration in the gemstone’s atoms.

The gemstones are exposed to nuclear rays which turn the color to green. However, this does not mean that the diamond is radioactive. It is safe to use and wear them as jewelry pieces. These colored diamonds come in different jewelry styles. The most common style is a diamond ring with this colored gemstone.

There are also bracelets and necklaces made of these rare diamonds. When you are wearing jewelry pieces, do not wear every piece in a set at the same time. This will only make you look tacky, as if you are trying too hard to be elegant. The color green is especially noticeable and people will instantly see the different greens around your neck, wrist, and finger if you all wear them at the same time.

Another tip for wearing your green diamond jewelry is to choose an outfit that matches the green of your jewelry. The best match for green is red. This combination will make your whole outfit look festive and is perfectly worn on holidays. You can also pair green with white or black. Your jewelry will instantly add a burst of color to an otherwise boring outfit.

These jewelry pieces should not be worn in casual settings like when hanging out at the mall or grocery shopping. It attracts too much attention which is something that you should avoid. You can wear your green diamond in more formal settings like a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, a black tie event, or a corporate evening party.

Your jewelry piece will surely be the talk of the party because of the bright and attractive color of the gemstone.