Diamonds are precious. Losing even a single piece of diamond jewellery can cause you a big loss. It is important to be careful when it comes to investing in diamonds. Factors like colour, shape and cut of the expensive stone are extremely important, say experts. Manju Kothari, Creative Director at Entice (luxury jewellery brand) and Rajesh Tulsiani, Director, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, have listed a few points that could be helpful while investing in diamonds:

* Good colour or clarity diamonds or even solitaires are a good option to purchase from a renowned place as they offer certified pieces only that have a good resale value.

* Before purchasing, always remember to identify the shape and design of the diamonds you wish to buy. If in doubt, opt for a round shape as it is always eternally graceful.

* Two diamonds can be of equal carat weight but differ in value according to their cut, colour and clarity. Study the 4Cs of a diamond and remember to match it with your budget.

* The budget while purchasing diamonds is likely to be considered as one of the most important parameters ideally, but you can make sure you get value for money by thoroughly researching before you shop.

* It is best to have a tentative budget in mind otherwise you might get confused with the variety available in the market.

* It always helps to be aware of market trends and rates.

* If buying for a wedding, then apart from the wedding necklaces, solitaire ear studs, pendant and a tennis bracelet is a must for every bride’s trousseau. These would complement her wardrobe throughout her life with all sorts of outfits while being an evergreen fashion statement.

* Diamonds are precious. Losing even a single piece of diamond jewellery can cause you a big loss. Therefore, it is best to get your diamond piece insured right at the time of purchase.

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