PureDiamondInvestments.co.uk is one of the few online diamond distributors whose focus lies firmly on acquiring diamonds as a means of investing. Pure Diamond Investments claims to source diamonds from around the world, working closely with mining and polishing manufacturers that allows them to receive low prices on high-quality diamonds.

Their close ties with facilities in South Africa, Russia, New York, and Antwerp, combined with a 67 year old pedigree dealing in the jewelry and diamond trade have brought Pure Diamond Investments to the forefront of the diamond investing community.

Here’s our honest review of PureDiamondInvestments.co.uk.

Diamond Investment Process

Pure Diamond Investments does an excellent job of providing potential customers with all the information they need to make diamond investing worth the effort. Apart from on-site information, they also provide investors with a brochure detailing their process. The company is SIPP compliant and gives investors a GIA certified report on the diamond’s current value.

Here is a detailed outline of Pure Diamond Investments diamond investing process.

  • Excavation – Once acquired, diamonds are sent to manufacturers for cutting and polishing. The diamond is then further inspected to ensure a maximum return on investment is feasible.
  • Exporting – Once the best investment grade diamonds are found, the stones are sent to a vault in Geneva, where they are then tested by an independent laboratory and GIA certified.
  • Storing and Owning – When purchasing diamonds as a means of investing, investors have two options. Store the diamonds with Pure Diamonds, or physically keep the diamonds.
  • Exit Strategy – At the correct time, and depending on personal investment goals, Pure Diamonds will provide investors with a number of options in regards to selling the stones for profit. This includes selling back to the wholesale market, selling at a retail price, at an auction, or through a private investor.

Conclusion – Is It A Scam?

Pure Diamond Investments has a plan laid out for every investor, determined by the investors own personal financial goals. Not many companies selling diamonds as investments have a plan as clear and structured as the one Pure Diamond provides.

We also like the fact they give their investors options regarding how the diamonds are used, in addition to mining diamonds from ethically-sourced locations. Though it is unfortunate the company does not provide a photo gallery of their current diamond stock, they have been in business for several years and, as of yet there are currently no negative reviews about the company. With this we can safely assume PureDiamondInvestments.co.uk is not a scam.