Natural yellow diamonds, just like other existing diamonds anywhere, are rare, exclusive, and very expensive. These belong to a particular group of rare diamonds naturally formed in a myriad of colors.

More popularly known as canary diamonds, the yellow normally intensifies as set in yellow gold. The deeper the color yellow, the more expensive the gemstone becomes. Considered as GIA natural yellow colored diamonds, such gemstones ranges from saturated fancy vivid yellow to the fancy intense and light yellow.

It is everyone’s belief that a diamond stone is colorless. While most existing diamonds are in fact colorless, a small percentage of these attractive and elegant gemstones achieve certain color results depending upon atmospheric conditions during formation.

A diamond becomes yellow under certain circumstances. Everyone knows the gemstone is the result of a crystallized carbon isotope. Almost all existing diamonds were developed under extreme pressure and temperature. Such conditions only exist under the surface with the Earth’s mantle. Carbon and other carbon-based materials is the basis for the diamond formation, and the process takes a very long time to complete. An almost perfect crystalline structure yields clear and colorless diamonds.

Though extremely rare, yellow diamonds are considered the most common among the elite natural colored diamond gemstones. A third of the largest diamonds all over the world are yellow, with the Kimberly Octahedron the most famous, weighing a massive 616 carats.

The natural fancy yellow must not necessarily be confused with its transparent (or white) counterparts of inferior quality. While these transparent diamond types appear to give out a pale yellow appearance courtesy of trace nitrogen impurities, their color grades are normally categorized from D to Z. The clearest, and obviously most valuable, are the Grade D diamond types, while the Grade Z types are tinted with a faint and seemingly sickly yellow and brown.

Diamonds with a stronger yellow beyond the Grade Z boundary is considered the fancy yellow grade. Such diamond type is highly coveted among celebrities, royalty, and general jewelry designers. And just like all naturally colored diamonds in existence, the more intense and deeper the yellow emanating within a yellow diamond, the higher its value would likely to be.

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